When you getting older, you start to notice things like unable to remember what was on the grocery list you left at home, forget where you put the car keys or not remember where you park your car. Then, you jump to the conclusion that aging is an inevitable slide to forgetfulness, confusion and even Alzheimer's disease.

Brain   training and exercises

Contrary to popular belief, the mental decline most people experience is not due to the steady death of nerve cells. Instead, it usually results from the decrease number of dendrites, the branches of nerve cells that forms the basis of memory. Dendrites receive information across connections called synapses. The dendrites can die if connections aren't regularly switched on. This reduce the brain ability to put new information into memory as well as to retrieve old information.

Just as cross training help you maintain overall physical fitness, brain training can help you with maintaining a continuing level of mental fitness strength, and flexibility as you age. The ideal brain training involve activating many different brain areas to increase the range of mental motion. Recent brain research has led to new approaches that can be incorporated into everyday activities. By adopting these training, you may actually enhance your brain's ability to deal with the declines in mental agility.

The New Science Of Brain Training

Brain training and exercises that are showed in this website is different from other types of brain exercises which usually involve logic puzzle or solitary practice session that resemble tests. Instead, the concept of our brain exercises it to presenting the brain with unusual or unexpected experiences using various combinations of your physical senses (vision, smell, touch, taste, and hearing) as well as your emotional sense.

The aim of our brain training is to provide you with a balanced, comfortable, and enjoyable way to stimulate your brain

The brain training stimulates patterns of neural activity that can create more connections between brain areas and encourage the production of natural brain nutrients, called neurotrophins. Neurotrophins dramatically increase the size and complexity of dendrites and also make surrounding cells stronger and resistant to the effect of aging.

A good brain is an active brain, while inaction leads to reduced brain fitness. Train your brain now and enhance the overall health of your brain as you grow older.

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