Hypnosis is a trance like state in which you have heightened focus, concentration and inner absorption. In the hypnotic state, you usually feel calm and relaxed, and you can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while blocking out distractions. In this state, your subconscious mind is at the forefront and the conscious mind is subdued. Hypnosis mind control works with the subconscious mind because it is the part of the brain that operates in the background during both sleeping and waking stages.

Hypnosis mind control

In hypnotic state, you are very open to whatever the suggestions. If a hypnotist tells you that you're eating strawberry ice cream, you'll "taste" it and "feel" a cool sensation in your throat as you swallow precisely because the reasoning, evaluating and judging part of your conscious mind is bypassed.  You are not really "thinking" in the traditional sense but instead, you are "experiencing" without questioning. It can be compared to the feeling of immersion in an absorbing book or film, when you're pretty oblivious to the world around.

When you are being hypnosis, you may lose inhibitions and do suggested things you would otherwise find mortifying, like a public rendition of the birdie song. But your sense of morality and safety are entrenched deep in your subconscious so you won't do something dangerous like trying to fly out of the tenth floor window, convinced that you're a bird. You also won't do something that you really don't want to. Your free will remains intact and you don't lose control over your behavior. The control is with you, your own control of yourself, your mind and body.

Hypnosis mind control has the unusual characteristic of combining concentration with relaxation, which allows you to focus on your problem, anxiety or development-need and remain relaxed.

Such an experience can break the link between an idea, memory or thought and its attendant anxiety and tension. It can help change what you need to change and develop what you need to develop.

Suggestions and other hypnotic phenomena, therapeutic interventions, visualization and language structures are made and utilized in hypnosis mind control, so you can achieve something you want, or something that will benefit you, and in this hypnotic state, that acceptance goes even deeper than it would in non-hypnotic states.